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They never appear in concert programmes, and are rarely heard on the radio. But happily, there are some good recordings around, notably one with Riccardo Chailly and the Gewandhaus Orchestra on Decca. Even if that remains first choice, this Ondine issue is worthy of being mentioned in the same breath, and if you don't know this music, you have a treat in store discovering it.

Most enjoyable! Anyone who champions Brahms's gloriously eccentric, lyrical and capacious Serenades — No 1 in D with six movements, No 2 in A with five — deserves full attention. Here they get it. Despite occasional thickening of textures, there's some lovely playing, with warm woodwind and horns and nice, crisp syncopations.

This is such an issue, a fine and simply conceived pairing of Brahms's two relatively early orchestral masterpieces — so often overlooked in the face of his later symphonies — and so splendidly performed by an obviously fine orchestra that I have no hesitation in declaring it to be one of the best recordings of music from this era I have heard for a very long time. This is a truly fine issue, of which the artists and the company which has served them so well should feel justly proud.

It is comprehensively recommended to all Brahms lovers and to all those keen to hear great music well performed and presented. Brahms' First Symphony was not finished until when the composer was 43 , though he had started work in it in the s.

Serenade in D major, K.250/248b (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

His two orchestral serenades date from the same period, young man's music written when the composer was in his early 20s. The orchestra, which numbers around 52 permanent musicians, is based in a new concert hall built in This disc is the first of a Brahms series the orchestra is making with Ondine, and a disc of Brahms cantatas is forthcoming.

From to , Brahms spend the winters in the small principality of Detmold, and it was from this period that his two serenades date. The serenades were conceived partly in emulation of Mozart's works in the genre. Brahms was also working on the First Piano Concerto, and solicited advice regarding orchestration from Joseph Joachim, and Joachim advised to a certain extend on the serenades. Serenade No. It is a long piece, lasting over 40 minutes and the length of the work, particularly the slow movement lasting over 10 minutes, may have been challenging for the original audiences.

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart - The Compleat Mozart (Neal Zaslaw)

The opening Allegro Molto starts off as lyrically pastoral but then explodes with energy in a performance which is vividly engaging. Bursting with energy, this is young man's music but we can hear Brahms' distinctive orchestral voice already.

One of the things I enjoyed about the performances on the disc was the prominence of the wind in the balance, helped by some very fine wind playing. In the opening movement there are some vivid wind led moments. The first Scherzo is graceful and dance-like, and Martin makes it go with a nice swing. The Adagio non troppo is expansive, the music takes its time and the construction seems to wander a little. The winds are again noticeable, and play with a nice tang to the tone.

The strings might lack the lushness of some orchestras, but they play with nice delicacy. The pair of minuets make a rather shorter movement, and in style they are more rumbustious than courtly dance but with a nice lilt to them, and the wind playing with a nicely pungent tone. The second Scherzo is similarly robust, whilst the find Rondo starts in a similar robust manner but develops with more relaxed lyrical moments.

PRIOR SEASONS – :: Virginia Chamber Orchestra ::

Brahms revised the work in The Allegro moderato is lyrical, but by no means uncomplex. It receives a graceful performance with again a nicely pungent tang to the wind playing. The Scherzo is very much a country dance, played with engaging vitality. The Adagio is lyrically beautiful with moments of passion making the movement quite intense, with a lovely clarinet solo.

Quasi menuetto flows gracefully with some lovely solo oboes, and the Rondo finale is crisply engaging. Jaime Martin and the orchestra bring out the vivid contrasts in the music, and giving us a sense of Brahms' youthful vigour. Though for me, a little trimming would have been in order as some movements seem a little too expansive, in danger of rambling. What I liked about the performance was the way we get a very real sense of the orchestra's particular sound, with a lively but small-ish string section and the fine wind players to the fore, often with characterfully pungent tone.

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