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The participants explore for example the size of the annual use of energy within the building we live and work in as well as in houses of the neighbourhood.

The results and solutions will be discussed and visualised. We will become inspired and motivated by impressing examples, fascinating experts and trough the members of the group. The workshop will take place in a plus-potential energy-building. We are looking for descriptive and clear examples for applied knowledge, that could transferred to every-day use. Additionally we will come to see a development center for regenerative energy production and offshore technology. Theoretical and 71 practical learning will come together throughout the course. There will be sufficient space during the week for the exchange of individual experience and knowledge about climate protection and energy savings.

After completing the workshop, the participants will: - gain knowledge on sustainable development and energy savings - be inspired by real examples of climate protection and sustainable lifestyle practices - be able to transfer their experience and practical solutions to every-day use Workshop Organiser: Ev. An Hand von Bildern und Filmaufnahmen werden wir differenzieren, wie diese Frauen von der Gesellschaft wahrgenommen wurden und wie sie sich selbst wahrgenommen haben.

We will travel with the participants back in the year for a better understanding of European history. Back to the present, we learn with the help of common baking and cooking to communicate informally. The future session gives us the opportunity to express our future visions and shared European identity in a creative way collage, patchwork.

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We only have 12 participants to guarantee a personal and relaxed atmosphere during the workshop. Basic skills in German or English would be of advantage but we also speak various languages. They should like to enter a mutual process by looking on their biographical experiences which they have made across generations. Women in an intercultural exchange to acknowledge the different biographical as enriching and to use them. Women looking for means to shape their lives in a healthy, committed, and responsible way. Frauen interessiert sind im interkulturellen Austausch die unterschiedlichen biographischen Erfahrungen als Bereicherung zu erkennen und zu nutzen.

Frauen die Wege suchen, gesund, engagiert und selbstverantwortlich ihr Leben zu gestalten. The intercultural exchanges which goes over different generations leads to mutual strengthening and enlargement of conceptions of life. Women can be models for each other and exchange strategies of life and coping with difficulties in life. Sources of strength and health are to be looked for and exchanged and made usable for the future. This will lead to the recognition that women will be able to manage their numerous roles and tasks in society in a more self-confident and self-responsible way.

For this endeavour we will take inspiration from the theory of salutogenesis which poses the question what keeps us healthy in contrast to the factors which make us ill. We will approach this topic in turning in the first place to historical biographies of women in Weimar which can serve as models. After having looked at the salutogenic aspects of historical biographies of women, we will turn to our own life histories. Employing creative methods as e. By this procedure their relevance for a future vision of life-concepts will emerge. Borders can appear as massive walls.

We will dare to tackle those walls — and paint them! By the help of graffiti and other street art techniques we will turn bare walls into paintings. Graffiti professionals will accompany us while developing our own concept for a masterpiece and while realizing it. We also want to go on a Berlin excursion to see the famous Berlin Wall. We will walk along this former border that really became a wall. Finishing our masterpiece in Dresden, there will be a vernissage party to which we will invite publicly. Wir wollen uns an diese Mauern wagen - und sie anmalen!

In the concept of "Health at Every Size" body weight plays no role, instead, it is looked at the whole person and the social environment. The assumption of HAES is, that a life of love and acceptance creates a good condition in order to live a healthy life. Including the experience that weight changes, especially weight loss, very rarely leads to a longlasting success.

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The goal, an establishment of HAES in Europe, will be too big for such a workshop, but we want to go a step into that direction, knowing, that we face lots of other very tight ideas in health politics concerning the ideas of weight loss, including the economic interest of the whole diet industry. We want to deal with both within the workshop, we want to discuss the social-political context, as well as new ideas with our own possibilities of a healthy life.

The realisation will be based on the so-called future workshop method and encompasses three phases. The first phase serves to establish a critical understanding of the theme and the problems in question.

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Hence, the participants will be asked to explore Berlin and document writing, photo, clips all what they discover as problematic in connection to their impairment and compare it to the situation in the places they come from. The results will be categorized on a visual map showing Europe as it is now for visually impaired people. In a second phase the participants work out a utopia, an exaggerated picture of future possibilities. In this so-called Fantasy phase the participants use brainstorming techniques and creative games to find and to reflect utopian solutions. They will imagine and create draw, making a collage etc.

In the last phase, the participants will withdraw from these imaginary world ideas that have a realistic and possible application and will work out practical next steps in order to realize them. Also they will be informed about self-help structures of visually impaired people and possibilities for participation on a national and European level. The workshop will be accompanied by activities for intercultural learning and empowerment. The organizers strive to achieve an environment of inclusion by its accessibility, non-discriminatory and respectful atmosphere and professional educational guidance, staffing and resources.

Workshop Organiser: Pro Retina Deutschland e. Contact details: Vaalserstr. Auf Exkursionen erleben wir Geometrie in Natur und Architektur.

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Wir zeichnen die Formen nach. Wir lernen, Statistiken auszuwerten und kommen den Tricks der Darstellungen auf die Schliche. The workshop targets at people who liked math in school lesson and are interested in counting and riddling till today. The workshop shows attractively that math is everywhere, funny and exiting. We experience via excursions that geometry accompanies us in nature and architecture. Transferring nature shapes to abstract figures we reactivate formulas that we had learned in school We learn to evaluate statistics and to discover tricks of presentations.

We deal with optic deceptions. We deal with a lot of media using all our senses. By visiting a company we deal with optimization.

But it is different from country to country allover Europe. In this workshop we invite young and elderly people from many countries interesting to meet and to exchange about knitting tradition. We will learn to knitt in traditional and modern ways. While knitting we will have plenty time taking and getting to know each other intensivly.

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  • Furthermore, we will have the possibility to exchange about our life experiences in Europe. Gemeinsames Filzen mit den Jugendlichen.